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Steljes Speakers Win Trusted Reviews Award

Trusted Reviews, the highly respected tech reviews site, delivers a terrifci reveiw to the Steljes Audio NS3. The review includes wonderful quotes, some of which are reproduced below, and culminates in our beatiful speakers receiving the title's prestigous 'Recommended' award. Click here to read the complete review.

'It's hard to look at the NS3 without your gob being well and truly smacked.'

'The NS3 is an absolute cinch to install and just as easy to control.'

'Sound quality is excellent, boasting a clean, open sound with bags of detail.'

'The NS3 is an absolute steal at this price.'

'The curvy, luxurious cabinets have the air of pricier speakers, while their open, weighty sound makes a further mockery of the £200 price tag.'

Trusted Reviews, April 2016